What’s the Deal with My Cat Not Using Litter Box?

There are a variety of reasons why a cat may stop using the litter box. If your cat stops using the litter box, something is going on, and it could be serious.  

One common reason why a cat may stop using the litter box is if the box is dirty. Clean the litter box daily. Cats are naturally clean creatures and may not want to use a dirty box.  

Another common reason why cats may stop using the litter box is that they are ill. A cat that is suffering from a urinary tract infection may associate the pain of urinating with the litter box and avoid the area.  

Illnesses such as kidney or thyroid disease that increase the consumption of water or stomach issues that lead to diarrhea can cause the cat not to make it to the litter box in time.  

Finally, overcrowding can cause litter box aversion. You should have at least one litter box for each cat in the home, and ideally one extra. For example, if you have two cats, three litter boxes, located in different areas of the house, are ideal. 

What’s the Deal with Excessive Dog Slobber?

Dog drool is an everyday occurrence for most dog breeds. Every dog drools, and just like chasing their tails or barking, it’s just another day in the dog world. The question is when is drooling normal and when is it a concern. 

Typically dogs drool when they’re anticipating food that’s either a favorite like a steak or something disagreeable like medications. These are normal times for dogs to drool. 

Dogs also drool when they are having mouth or throat issues, like mouth infections or fractured teeth. Make sure you are brushing your dog’s teeth daily and getting check-ups at the vet.  

An upset stomach can also lead to extra drool. A lot of dogs suffer from motion sickness, so that car ride may lead to excessive slobbering. Dogs eating things they shouldn’t like socks or stuffing can also lead to tummy trouble, which can cause them to drool.  

There are other examples such as heat stroke as your dog pants to try and cool off or if they have a sinus infection. Kidney disease and liver disease also have drooling as one of their many symptoms.  

Keep an eye on your dog, and if you notice any abnormal drooling, make an appointment with a vet right away. 

What’s the Deal with Cat Tunnels?

Cats like places, that they can crawl through and hide in when they sleep. If you have an indoor cat, you have probably noticed that they sometimes disappear for hours only to re-emerge when you least expect it. This is because cats like to find private little places where they can curl up and go to sleep undisturbed. When no place is provided, they will sleep on the chairs under the kitchen table and even under beds. 

Cat tunnels can provide your cat would just such a place, without them mysteriously disappearing. Your cat may sometimes just crawl through it playfully, but they can provide your feline family member with a private comfortable place to sleep that does not leave you wondering where they are.  

Cats can sleep just about any place and if you provide a comfortable private place for them to sleep, they will often take advantage of it. The fact that cat tunnels come in a variety of shapes and sizes and lengths makes them even more attractive to both cats and cat owners alike. 

What’s the Deal with CBD Pet Treats?

Cannabidiol, more commonly marketed under the shorthand abbreviation of CBD, is an oil derived from hemp. CBD is known to offer several health benefits, including a boost to the immune system and improve the body’s ability to withstand or prevent: 

  • Arthritis and joint pain 
  • Anxiety 
  • Digestive trouble 
  • Seizure, epilepsy and other neurological ailments 
  • Blood disorders 
  • Cancer and tumors 

While CBD has become popular due to its many health benefits, the market has grown large enough to reach the pet goods industry. While CBD offers many of the aforementioned benefits, it does undergo some degree of change when baked into pet treats. Most pet treats contain between 3% to 6% CBD per amount of hemp oil involved. Furthermore, some treats only use hemp powder. 
If you want to maximize the benefits of CBD in your pet, consider buying a quality CBD oil by itself and add that to your pet’s food, waiting a few minutes for the food to absorb its properties. 

What’s the Deal With Nail Trimmers For Pets?

Trimming an animal’s nails are just as important as trimming your own. By not trimming your pet’s nails regularly, they will begin to grow into the pads. Their nails will start splitting breaking off. They may also become infected. Improper nail upkeep can also make your pet irritable and maybe even aggressive, due to being in pain. Using the proper nail trimmer for your pet is especially important. If you cut your pet’s nails too short, it can cause severe bleeding, which will lead you on a trip to the vet. There are many different types of nail trimmers on the market that are made specifically for animals. Guillotine Clippers are best for small animals. These clippers, when used correctly, will cut the end of the nail right off. For larger animals, scissor clippers are best to use. Most of the scissor trimmers have a built-in guard to keep you from going up too far. One of the most essential factors to pay attention to when buying trimmers is the quality and cut of the blade. 

Dog Bones and Treats Ideas

Barkworth Gourmet Cookies Birthday Platter

The Barkworth Gourmet™ Birthday Cookie Platter offers dogs an appetizing collection of all-natural treats. Made with top-quality, human-grade ingredients, the platter features cupcakes and bone- and cookie-shaped treats in vanilla and peanut butter flavors. The treats are frosted with colorful pastel yogurt. Packaged in clear plastic 17 oz tub, with a resealable lid for freshness.

Barkworth Gourmet Holiday Cookie Platter

A festive tray of treats for dogs. The Barkworth Gourmet™ Holiday Cookie Platter are sure to give dogs sweet dreams this holiday season. Delicious all-natural treats are made with top-quality, human-grade ingredients, Includes vanilla-flavored bones and wafers, carob truffles, and molasses & ginger colored yogurt. Packaged in clear plastic 19 oz tub, with a resealable lid for freshness.

Barkworth Gourmet Cookie Tubs

Top-quality human-grade ingredients are used to make these all natural, hand-baked gourmet cookies. Fashioned after people cookies, these doggie delicacies have a taste dogs love. Barkworth Cookies are elegantly packaged in a stay-fresh, resealable tub container. Made in USA. Barkworth Cookies are available in Peanut Butter Crisps (6 oz), Vanilla w/Carob Dip (12 oz), Vanilla w/Pastel Yogurt Dip (12 oz), Carob w/Yogurt Dip (12 oz), Peanut Butter (12 oz), Truffles (5 oz), Molasses/Ginger with Yogurt Center (7 oz), or Peanut Butter Mini Bones (7 oz).

Exclusive Dog Cookies

These look like “people cookies” but are made especially for dogs. Natural cookies are baked to a tasty, hard crunch and they’re free of by-products, fillers, artificial colors, and preservatives. Dog Cookies come in 8 oz bags. Made in USA. Approximately 20 cookies per package. Cookies are approximately 1 1/2″. Available in the flavors Carob Sandwich Cream, Vanilla Sandwich, Peanut Butter, Animal Crackers, Vanilla Wafer, Peanut Butter Sandwich Cream, or Duplex Sandwich Cream.

Ranch Rewards Munchy Filled Holiday Stockings

Holidays are great times for family feasts and now dogs can be part of the fun. Each Ranch Rewards® Holiday Stocking is packed with munchy rawhide treats made into fun, novelty shapes. Contains one of each: 4″ Bone, 3″ Reindeer, 3″ Snowman, 2 1/2″ Stocking, 3″ Snowflake, and 5″ Christmas Tree.

Healthy Baker Glucosamine Biscuits

Our Healthy Baker™ wholesome baked treats are made with Perna canaliculus (green-lipped mussel) which are a natural source of glycosaminoglycans that improve joint health and vitamin C which assists in collagen formation to aid in the treatment of degenerative joint ailments. Ideal for older dogs with arthritis and hip dysplasia. Fortified with vitamins and minerals, treats contain no added soy, sugar, salt, or artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Contains real garlic for a taste dogs savor. Healthy Baker Biscuits are available in1 Lb Jar or 2 Lb Jar. For dogs only. Made in USA.

Freeze Dried Vanilla Ice Cream for Dogs

Now ice cream is no longer reserved for special occasions! This tasty treat for dogs is made from real freeze-dried vanilla ice cream and is packed with nutritious vitamin A and calcium. Ready-to-eat, go-anywhere treats are ideal for rewarding dogs for good behavior. Airtight foil bag, keeping each 3/4 oz snack fresh.

Freeze Dried Peanut Butter Ice Cream for Dogs

Now ice cream is no longer reserved for special occasions! This tasty treat for dogs is made from real freeze-dried peanut butter flavored ice cream and is packed with nutritious vitamin A and calcium. Ready-to-eat go-anywhere treats are ideal for rewarding dogs for good behavior.

Train-Me Training Reward Treats

These soft, moist training treats are the perfect size to use as a training reward for dogs. Succulent treats contain vitamins, and are packed with approximately 18% protein for a reward that’s nutritious as well as delicious. Train-Me! The pouches are resealable to keep treats fresh. Each pouch holds 3.5 oz. Treats are available in the flavors Bacon, Chicken, or Liver.

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