Dog Toy Ideas

Grriggles Party Pup Collection

The Grriggles™ Party Pup Collection are cheerful party-themed toys. It’s a dog party and they’ll wag if they want to! Fun shapes are ideal for toss ’n fetch party games. Each toy features felt and ribbon accents and a squeaker inside. Choose 7 1/4″ Ice Cream Cone, 6″ Cupcake, 7 1/2″ Birthday Cake, 5″ Birthday Hat, 9 1/2 ” Noisemaker.

Grriggles Canine Carnival Toys

The Grriggles™ Canine Carnival toys are made of soft plush with unique fabric accents. Each toy has a squeaker inside for a rootin’ tootin’ good time.

Zanies Neon Lil’ Yelpers

Dogs will yip, they’ll yap, they’ll jump for joy when Zanies® Neon Lil’ Yelpers are around. Neon-bright plush toys are cute, cuddly, and full of fun. Each 5″ Neon Lil’ Yelper toy contains a squeaker.

Zanies Royalty Heart Tugs

The Zanies® Royalty Heart Tugs feature soft plush, a cotton rope tug, and an interior squeaker. The perfect gift for any pampered pooch. Heart-shape is embroidered with a crown and royal Prince or Princess logo. Each 4 1/2″ Royalty Heart Tug toy.

Zanies Hugsters

Zanies® Hugsters are two super-soft plush Teddy Bears embracing each other. The paws of each bear are sewn together so they can loop their arms around each other or be slipped out and be used individually. Each measures 7″ and has a squeaker.

Zanies Desperado Doggies

Dogs will have tail-waggin’ fun when they play with the Zanies® Desperado Doggies. Soft plush 6″ dogs have long legs, floppy ears, and a bandanna that are great to grab and chew. Each toy contains a squeaker. Choose Blue, Green or orange.

Zanies Superhero Animals

The plush superhero dog toys are saving the world’s dogs from boredom. The Zanies® Superheros leap into action to make playtime more fun for any dog. Toss them, chew them, carry them around. Collect all three! Each superhero costume is complete with boots, a red cape, and a Super Z logo. Complete with squeaker for hours of interactive play, these fearless characters will boldly take anything dogs can dish out. Superhero Animals measure 5 1/2″. Choose Courageous Cow, Daring Duck, or Heroic Hog.

Zanies Cuddly Berber Babies

Made of soft, nubby berber fleece and ready to cuddle, these adorable characters are irresistibly sweet. Ideal for dogs and puppies who crave something soft to snuggle and chew. Each 8″ toy contains a squeaker in the body for added fun. Zanies® Cuddly Berber Babies are available adorable characters as Orange Bunny, Pink Elephant, Blue Koala, or Green Lamb.

Zanies Teensy Teddies

The toys in the Zanies® Teensy Teddies have soft, snuggly bodies that are designed to be durable and colorful. Small size makes them perfect for smaller dogs or puppies. Each 7″ toy contains a squeaker. Choose colors Buttercup, Honeydew, Orange Popsicle, Berry Blue or Lime Punch.