Sticky Situations: How to Find Trusted Pet Moving Services

Pet movers are professionals who specialize in transporting pets for people who are traveling and would like to take a pet along. Moving can be a difficult and stressful time, especially when you have pets to take care of. This is one reason why many people are investing in pet moving services in order to provide them with peace of mind that their pets are being well taken care of. Not to mention that this takes a load off of you by taking care of one of the more difficult aspects of the move. The following will provide you with some special tips for finding the perfect pet movers for you.

When you are looking for reliable pet movers, the first place you should go is the Yellow Pages. This is a bit obvious, but keep in mind that you won’t be calling anybody just yet. You want to get a good idea of which companies are available for you to choose from. It is a good idea to speak to your friends and relatives and see if they have any recommendations on who offered them pet friendly travel. If they do not have any information for you, you can also try to contact local pet stores and see if they have someone they can recommend. Usually people, who have had experience with a company, either good or bad, will be happy to tell you about it.

When looking for pet moving services, you never want to call up a single company and go with them hoping for the best. If you cannot find any impartial parties who can offer you a recommendation, then you can begin calling the different companies and ask them for references. The only drawback here is that they will be likely to only give you the contact information of people who have had a good experience with them. You do have one last resource however thanks to the Internet; you can look up the different companies online and see if there are any consumer-written reviews or complaints about them. Here is a couple sources we recommend:

When you have found a few companies that offer pet moving services and pet transportation that you find trustworthy, you can begin comparing their rates to find the best deal. While the cost should never be your sole determining factor, it never hurts to try and save some money. Sometimes this is going to be an expensive service no matter which company you turn to, such is the case when you need an international company to have your pet flown overseas. Finally, look into little things like whether the company offers credit card payments so you can find a company that is versatile.

You will find that your search for the perfect pet movers will go a lot more smoothly when you follow these simple tips.