The Pros and Cons of the Tinkle Turf Indoor Dog Potty

The Tinkle Turf Indoor Potty is made from synthetic turf with a built-in odor control. Used for potty training or travel, this product is great for apartment living. Easy cleanup as solids stay on top while a tray below can be emptied, cleaned and reattached. 


There are 3 different price points depending upon which size you need. 

  • Model 500 – recommended for small dogs – $40.89 
  • Model 501 – recommended for medium dogs – $51.79 
  • Model 502 recommended for large dogs – $56.99 


  • Easy cleanup 
  • Portable – great for small living spaces or travel 
  • Convenient – Can eliminate walks in extreme weather needed for potty breaks 
  • Includes antimicrobial odor control to minimize smells 
  • Cheaper than continually buying potty pads 


  • May be difficult to get your dog to use initially 
  • Dog may miss allowing for messes outside of turf 

About the Brand 

Prevue Pet Products has been delivering high-quality products to pets and their owners since 1869. They are dedicated to providing excellent products and services to their animal and human clients.