Welcome to House Pet Supplies

Adopting an animal is an easy decision but becoming a pet parent takes time and patience. As with most major, life-changing decisions, becoming a pet parent also requires quite a bit of research. From breed demeanors and adoption centers to the healthiest food and safest carriers, most new animal owners don’t know where to begin. In fact, most seasoned pet parents are stumped when it comes to certain supply categories.

House Pet Supplies was created as a one-stop resource center for everything pet-related. We provide informative and necessary information about a variety of pet-related supplies—from toys and toxic materials to food gimmicks and healthy treats. Our site is split into three categories:


  • “What’s the Deal with That”
  • Sticky Situations
  • Common Misconceptions


“What’s the Deal with That” seeks to unpack the assumptions and popularity behind certain pet toys and foods. This will include anything and everything from Kong toys to grain-free diets. Our Sticky Situations category is a series of “situation-based” posts, which discuss and explain the materials and supplies necessary for a range of scenarios—heading to the vet, introducing a new pet, flying with your dog, &c. Finally, Common Misconceptions fills the gaps in knowledge regarding pet supply safety—from common safety hazards to barely-understood vet practices.

If you have a question you would like us to investigate, drop us a line in the comment section below. We want to serve the needs of this caring, loving, and—quite honestly—confused community to the best of our ability.