What’s the Deal with Excessive Dog Slobber?

Dog drool is an everyday occurrence for most dog breeds. Every dog drools, and just like chasing their tails or barking, it’s just another day in the dog world. The question is when is drooling normal and when is it a concern. 

Typically dogs drool when they’re anticipating food that’s either a favorite like a steak or something disagreeable like medications. These are normal times for dogs to drool. 

Dogs also drool when they are having mouth or throat issues, like mouth infections or fractured teeth. Make sure you are brushing your dog’s teeth daily and getting check-ups at the vet.  

An upset stomach can also lead to extra drool. A lot of dogs suffer from motion sickness, so that car ride may lead to excessive slobbering. Dogs eating things they shouldn’t like socks or stuffing can also lead to tummy trouble, which can cause them to drool.  

There are other examples such as heat stroke as your dog pants to try and cool off or if they have a sinus infection. Kidney disease and liver disease also have drooling as one of their many symptoms.  

Keep an eye on your dog, and if you notice any abnormal drooling, make an appointment with a vet right away.