What’s the Deal with Kennel Training and Kennel Size?

Kennel training or “crate training” teaches your dog’s responsibility and can help calm their anxiety. Dogs den animals and, as such, are naturally accustomed to small, enclosed spaces. A kennel can give your dog a sense of security. 

Kennels are a great way to begin house training, as dogs don’t like to pee in their dens, and they can be a safe method of transportation for your dog if you need to take them on a long car ride.  

When choosing a kennel for your dog, it’s going to depend on how big your pup is. You’ll want to get a kennel that is large enough that your dog can get up and turn around, but not one that’s too big.  

Be careful when using your kennel, and never use it as a punishment. If you do, then your dog will refuse to enter in the future. Also, don’t leave your dog in the kennel for too long. A dog that’s in their kennel an entire day and night needs to get more exercise and interaction, or they can become depressed.