What’s the Deal with My Cat Not Using Litter Box?

There are a variety of reasons why a cat may stop using the litter box. If your cat stops using the litter box, something is going on, and it could be serious.  

One common reason why a cat may stop using the litter box is if the box is dirty. Clean the litter box daily. Cats are naturally clean creatures and may not want to use a dirty box.  

Another common reason why cats may stop using the litter box is that they are ill. A cat that is suffering from a urinary tract infection may associate the pain of urinating with the litter box and avoid the area.  

Illnesses such as kidney or thyroid disease that increase the consumption of water or stomach issues that lead to diarrhea can cause the cat not to make it to the litter box in time.  

Finally, overcrowding can cause litter box aversion. You should have at least one litter box for each cat in the home, and ideally one extra. For example, if you have two cats, three litter boxes, located in different areas of the house, are ideal.