What’s the Deal With Nail Trimmers For Pets?

Trimming an animal’s nails are just as important as trimming your own. By not trimming your pet’s nails regularly, they will begin to grow into the pads. Their nails will start splitting breaking off. They may also become infected. Improper nail upkeep can also make your pet irritable and maybe even aggressive, due to being in pain. Using the proper nail trimmer for your pet is especially important. If you cut your pet’s nails too short, it can cause severe bleeding, which will lead you on a trip to the vet. There are many different types of nail trimmers on the market that are made specifically for animals. Guillotine Clippers are best for small animals. These clippers, when used correctly, will cut the end of the nail right off. For larger animals, scissor clippers are best to use. Most of the scissor trimmers have a built-in guard to keep you from going up too far. One of the most essential factors to pay attention to when buying trimmers is the quality and cut of the blade.