What’s the Deal with Safety Dog Leashes?

When you and your furry friend are out in public it’s always a good idea to have a safety dog leash on hand. Before your next walk, think about these 5 reasons why leashes are so important. 

  • Protection for your dog – Some dogs may get carried away chasing a squirrel or another dog. If they’re on a leash you’ll have no worries about your pal wandering off. 
  • Courtesy – A safety leash is courteous to neighbors. Not everyone wants your dog jumping excitedly on their lap or running around their yard. 
  • Bonding experience – Once your dog sees his safety leash it won’t be long before he figures out he’s going for a walk. These outdoor excursions will be a great bonding moment for the owner and pet. 
  • Shielding Against Injury – Moving cars and other animals may seem like fun to your dog but you know they can be dangerous. A leash will keep your dog safe and secure. 
  • Keep them healthy – Free running dogs can get into a lot of mischief. From poison ivy to mud to eating rocks, keeping a dog leashed will lessen these behaviors.