Wheels of Fun – One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel is designed to help your feline combat boredom while providing daily exercise. The sturdy but lightweight design allows you to easily move it around. Other features of this product include: 

  • The wheel surface is made from a closed-cell EVA to prevent claws from getting caught. 
  • Replacement parts are available 
  • Free shipping within the contiguous USA 


Priced at $199, the cat wheel comes in a variety of colors (black, cool grey, and cheetah). Its smart design will allow your cat to play and burn off her energy. 


  • Made from recycled plastic 
  • Easy assembly and can be moved effortlessly 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Allows cats to burn off energy that could otherwise lead to destructive behavior 
  • Provides an abundance of exercise for your feline friend 


  • Can be difficult for cats to get the hang of at first 
  • More expensive than most cat toys 

About the Brand 

One Fast Cat is a company designed with your cat’s well-being in mind. Their lightweight exercise wheel was created to make your pet’s life easier. Check out their products to see how your cat would benefit.